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Lato free font

Lato Typeface: Timeless Elegance and Superior Readability for Your Designs

Designed by Lukasz Dziedzic along with Adam Twardoch and Botio Nikoltchev, Lato is a versatile and widely popular sans-serif font that strikes a perfect balance between legibility and style. Its clean and geometric letterforms give it a modern and minimalist appearance, making it a great choice for a variety of design projects. 

Lato’s extensive font family offers a wide range of weights and styles, allowing for creative flexibility and the ability to establish visual hierarchy. From elegant headlines to body text, Lato adapts seamlessly to different design contexts. Its carefully designed proportions and generous spacing contribute to its overall readability and ensure a comfortable reading experience. 

Whether you’re designing a magazine layout, developing a website, or creating branding materials, Lato brings a sense of sophistication and professionalism to your designs, making them visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

This font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License.


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