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Inter free font

Express Your Unique Voice with Inter Font: Ideal for Web and Print Designs

Inter is a versatile and modern sans-serif font designed with a focus on legibility and clarity. Its well-balanced letterforms and generous x-height make it highly readable, even at small sizes and on screens. A great design by Rasmus Andersson.

Inter’s clean and uncluttered design makes it a reliable choice for various design projects, including user interfaces, websites, and mobile apps. With its extensive character set and multiple weights, Inter offers flexibility and allows designers to create visual hierarchy and establish a clear information hierarchy. 

Whether you’re designing a data-driven dashboard, developing a user-friendly app, or crafting an engaging website, Inter ensures that your typography communicates effectively and enhances the user experience. Its simplicity and straightforwardness make it a versatile font that seamlessly integrates into modern design aesthetics, making your content both visually appealing and accessible.

This font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License.


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