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WWE Font and Logo History

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., commonly initialized as WWE, is an American integrated media and entertainment company best known for its promotion of professional wrestling matches.

As a wrestling promotion organization, WWE was established on January 7, 1953, by Jess McMahon or Vincent J. McMahon as Capitol Wrestling Corporation Ltd. The company is currently headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

Besides wrestling, WWE is involved in various other ventures, including American football and film.


WWE Font

The WWE logo is a unique yet modest logo that the brand has used for years. The logo is modeled after the franchise’s initials.

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It sports two UPPERCASE letters “W,” with one letter placed on top of the other. Behind the Ws is a bold red underline, perhaps implemented to evoke the powerful emotions associated with WWE wrestling events.

However, this isn’t the logo that WWE has used for the entire duration of its existence. The logo was designed in 2014 by John Lefteratos, and was a product of multiple upgrades made on the brand’s initial poster.


How has the WWE logo evolved over the years?

The original WWE logo was a clean and neat design crafted based on the brand’s initials – CWC (for Capitol Wrestling Corporation). The company used the logo from 1952 to 1963.

WWE SmackDown current stage min

In 1963, WWE came up with a new name. The name change prompted the brand to redesign its logo as well. The new logo portrayed the image of two fighting wrestlers and the initials WWWF enclosed in a frame.

Above the background was the brand’s name appearing in ALL-CAPS, while underneath the initials was the inscription Willie Gilzenberg President, also printed in CAPS.

This remained WWE’s logo until 1971 when the company embarked on yet another logo update. The new logo had a globe nestled between the brand’s name and two bold letters W. It also displayed the word ‘Federation’ twice in UPPERCASE.

In 1979, WWE redesigned its logo to look a bit more modest. The poster simply featured the initials WWF and the full meaning inscribed above a globe. The globe was more elongated and the word ‘FEDERATION’ appeared once. This remained the brand’s logo until 1982.

smack laideth down 2019 font min WWE continued to undertake more logo updates over the years. These changes affected virtually all aspects of the logo, including the color scheme, lettering, and characters. Not to mention the groundbreaking introduction of the 3D technology.

Font is another aspect of the WWE logo that has undergone a tremendous evolution. The brand’s font is as unique as the logo itself. It wasn’t based on any previous typeface.

rawhide raw 2012 font design min

A font family known as Rawhide Raw Font was used in designing the WWE Raw logo, whereas WWE SmackDown was modeled based on the Smack Laideth Down Font. Again, these are completely unique fonts which were custom-made for the WWE brand.

Where to Download WWE Logo Fonts

You can download the Rawhide Raw Font for WWE Raw on the Fonts Empire website.

If you prefer the Smack Laideth Down Font, the Font Lot website would be a great place to find it.

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