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Stoked Display Typeface

Make Exciting Possibilities Happen with Stoked Display Typeface

One of the best things about working in design is that you get to explore new things with every new assignment. However, some days, you just fall into a slump. Projects would seem routine, and you feel like you need to take on something big just to keep things interesting.

But what if you just need to change your perspective? Try working with something new, like this exciting display typeface from Marie-Michelle Dupuis. Salvaged from a custom 5-letter logo, this font is just as the name suggests: bold, exciting, thrilling.

Stoked Display Typeface

Stoked also looks modern and unique. Imagine all the cool projects you can create with it in your arsenal – from posters, logos, business cards, to headlines, labels, and websites – the only limit is your imagination.

Don’t give up. Just like this typeface has been given a new life, its fate is in your hands now. Go ahead and create awesome things with Stoked today.


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