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Smoke Fonts

10 Artistic Smoke Fonts To Add Mystery To Your Designs

Smoke is often related to fire, destruction and chaos. However, it is far more than that. Smoke is all around us and can be depicted in different forms. It can be seen in the collision of an artist’s brush against a canvas. It is also present in that art-induced trance where an artist brings their masterpiece to life so that others can appreciate the brilliance of art.

Smoke is that air of mystery; we may not always see it, but we certainly feel it, and it is this feeling we hope to evoke in the public when they encounter our work.

Smoke fonts bring life and meaning to any design or creative piece and are uncommon. Many smoke fonts these days are Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs), making them a delight to use! 

SVGs are a new type of font that contains transparency and color information that fonts could not previously contain. They can also be displayed in various colors, gradients, and animations. These distinguishing characteristics have earned them the simpler, more popular moniker: color fonts.

Here are 10 of the most beautiful smoke fonts!

Quirky Smoke Fonts

1. Laser Brush & SVG Font

Laser Brush & SVG Font

The Lazer Brush SVG Font is a multilingual grunge-themed font by Cruzine design. This display font is hip, confident, and easy-going. Its characters are designed to resemble the fluid, swift strokes of a hand brush set. Consequently, it is appropriate for headers, artistic projects, and text display.

Download Laser Brush & SVG Font

2. Overides SVG Brush Display FontOverides SVG Brush Display Font

Maulana Creative’s Overides is a multilingual handwritten display font. This font exudes a masculine vibe, with its letters depicting the bold, confident strokes of a skilled painter against his canvas. Overides has a playful personality and is appropriate for logo designs, social media works, movie titles, and book titles. It is the ideal font for creating an outstanding piece.

Download Overides SVG Brush Display Font

3. Smoke Attack

Smoke Attack
Smoke Attack is a modern typeface designed by Khurasan. It is a cursive, handwritten font whose characters depict fluid, calculated strokes from skilled hands. Despite its vintage appearance, this font by Khurasan is elegant and visually appealing. Smoke Attack has a retro feel and is suitable for movie posters, brands, and logo designs. It includes a complete set of uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and multilingual support.

Download Smoke Attack Font

4. NerdBrush SVG Font

NerdBrush SVG Font
This stellar font from Cruzine Design bears a striking resemblance to the Laser Brush font. Although similar, this font distinguishes itself by having more defined edges and the ability to display multiple colors and gradients in a single glyph. NerdBrush is perfect for projects such as paintings, artworks, headers, and graffiti, as it adds a striking artistic touch to a design.

Download NerdBrush SVG Font

5. Hazel Brush and SVG Font

Hazel Brush & SVG Font

Hazel is a simple, creative font display font. It is available as a regular font as well as an SVG font. This font features thick strokes and is suitable for magazine covers, novel titles, headers, and posters. It also has upper and lowercase characters.

Download Hazel Brush and SVG Font

6. First Brush & SVG Font

First Brush & SVG Font

This hand-drawn brush font from Cruzine design is simple and elegant. Its characters are born of creativity and have slightly curved ends, giving them a distinct appearance. First Brush font is available in regular and SVG font styles and upper and lowercase letters. Its calm, easy-going strokes make it an exceptional choice for beach posters, cool designs, and summer-themed magazine covers.

Download First Brush & SVG Font

7. Vintage Smoked Fonts

Tomatstudio’s Vintage font is eccentric. It features cloud-style characters that are fun and cool. This font combines playful and spooky elements, making it perfect for DIY projects, stickers, cartoons, and comics. Because it has underlying Vintage horror characteristics, Smoked can also be used for horror-themed designs. It comes in the usual upper and lowercase characters and features the Smoked feel, Smoked outline, and Smoked cuts font styles.

Download Vintage Smoked Fonts

8. Alapaap

Alapaap is a fluffy display font with a childlike sense of wonder and amusement. It has cartoonish shapes and plump, fuzzy characters that resemble clouds. This font is a wholesome delight with a dash of mischief. As a result, it’s ideal for comic books, cartoon posters, and other child-related designs.

Download Alapaap Font

9. Karma Smoke – Psychedelic Style

Brightone Art’s Karma Smoke is a playful font with a sneaky, mischievous image. Its characters are not only daring and fun, but they are also swirly with curly ends. Karma Stroke is a befitting font for labels, stickers, pouch bag designs, and branding. It also supports multiple languages.

Download Karma Smoke Font

10. Lysergic Font

Lysergic is a smoky, swirly font inspired by the 1960s. This groovy font from Mystery Labs is a tribute to Rick Griffin, a San Francisco artist who made waves with his stunning posters and unique lettering ideas. As a result, it is a good choice for album covers and magical posters.

Download Lysergic Font

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