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Slime Fonts

9 Slime Fonts for Making Gruesome Banners and Posters

There are all kinds of slime. There’s mold that looks like slime, the slime on the body of fishes, snail slime, waste material, and of course, toy slime.

The history of toy slime (sometimes called flubber or silly putty) began in 1976, when the original slime was sold by Mattel. It was placed inside trash can shaped plastic containers. During this time, other toys with slime also appeared, such as Ecto-Plazm play gel for a Ghostbusters line and Retro-Mutagen slime for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Two of the main components of these slime toys are guar gum and other alcohol-group containing polymers, which are harmless. These have made the material stretchy and rubbery. Aside from being a novelty toy, some people also use slime as a stress toy. Today, you can create your own using DIY kits or from simple household chemicals such as glue and saline solution.

Looking for the right kind of slime? With these slime fonts, you don’t need to worry about your carpets or walls.

Cool Slime Fonts

1. Chill Blood

Chill-BloodChill Blood is a modern take on the bloody slime fonts sets with a unique style. Features upper, lower, numeric, symbol, and multilingual support!

Download Chill Blood

2. Brain Melt Layered Typeface


Adapted from the slime droplets, Drizy gives you this font with a fun pop art cartoon concept and 2 awesome styles. Use one by itself or layer to create drippy, oozing effects that are perfect for children’s books or Halloween flyers. Set also includes a vector pack and 2 Halloween Party Flyer in AI and PSD.

Download Brain Melt Layered Typeface

3. Monstarize

MonstarizeMonstarize is a display type monster slime fonts set perfect for online games, posters, movies, cartoons, and much more!

Download Monstarize

4. Nightmare Street

Nightmare-StreetNightmare Street is a retro Halloween slime fonts set that definitely takes you back to the 1980s! Includes two styles, underlines, paint spills, and more.

Download Nightmare Street

5. Apple & Peach


This unique gem from Incools is bold and fresh and ready for whatever you throw at it. Whether it’s a beach theme or a Halloween scene, this unique font is always all set to play.

Download Apple & Peach

6. Monstrocity


For those who need something eye-catching for their headlines or posters, you can’t go wrong with this illustrated decorative vector font from Macaroni Mayhem. Use on titles or big type, or as single letters.

Download Monstrocity

7. Toxic Font


Is it slime or melted cheese? You decide in this Joshua Swain product that comes in 2 styles (Regular and Outline).

Download Toxic Font

8. Dead Slime Font


Featuring 6 variants plus 50 horror illustrations, this pack from 160 Std will take your Halloween game to the next level. Mix and match or use one font by itself – the possibilities are endless!

Download Dead Slime Font

9. Melt Font


Created with freehand digital drawing, this detailed melting font by Tomatstudio is all that you need to make vintage slime, mud, or drip effects for your projects. Product also comes with bonus files to help you customize your work.

Download Melt Font

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