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Design Anything Like a Pro with Shutterstock’s Creative Flow+

Have you ever asked yourself how content creators or Instagram marketers always seem to know which image to put up to get the right attention? And at the right times, too. It’s like they have an internal prediction machine that tells them which photos would sell, or when to post to get the most clicks. If only you could do the same.

Well, now you can with Shutterstock Creative Flow+. Powered by AI technology and combined with Shutterstock’s massive library of images, graphics, and video assets, Creative Flow+ is going to be your expert partner in making content that gets results. Here’s how that’s possible.

Introducing Creative Flow

Creative Flow+ is powered by AI and is an all-in-one design tool built to improve your creative process from planning to publishing. The tools are easy to learn and are suitable for independent creatives as well as pro marketers. It can be used in conjunction with an existing Shutterstock account or taken for a free spin (in case you haven’t created your Shutterstock account yet!).

Designing a social graphic may look simple enough. However, the entire process can take a while depending on factors such as relevancy, timeliness, and reproduction. Every brand or business has encountered challenges in making creative content, whether it’s pairing fonts with photos or being one step ahead of the competition.

With Creative Flow+, you get AI assistance to ensure you make the best decisions for your brand and audience. Create an Instagram post your followers will love by removing backgrounds, changing colors, and adding graphics in a few clicks. Publish it right away on your social media channels or schedule it with the integrated smart planner.

But that’s not what’s most impressive about this tool. The best part is the PREDICT feature that will recommend appropriate photos, colors, as well as templates based on your design goals and industry. No more spending hours in meetings trying to decide if the background should be red or blue. Save money on A/B testing by letting the Predict Design Assistant draw suggestions from 600 billion data points across seven thousand brands. That’s a LOT of data!

Learn the basics of Creative Flow. Once you’re familiar with the features, be sure to upgrade to Creative Flow+ to use the one-click background remover, smart image resizer, and content organizer. You will also get data-backed creative insights to help you make the best decisions for content that performs.

Getting Started with Creative Flow+

The suite of Creative Flow+ tools are available for FREE to all Shutterstock subscribers. You can also purchase it as a standalone product for $12.99/month or $119 for one year. Sign in to use all Creative Flow+ tools FREE for one month. There will be no charge until two days before your trial ends. Do note that you won’t get unlimited access to Shutterstock assets.

CREATE Confidently

From the Creative Flow+ homepage, select whether you want to start from scratch or pick from thousands of templates. You’ll get popular choices like Facebook page covers, YouTube thumbnails, and Instagram Story posts. No need to worry about size. The templates presented to you are within the dimensions of your chosen graphic.

Inside the editor, you’re free to add images (upload your own or choose from the Starter Content), fonts, shapes, graphics, and drawings. The Smart Resize tool allows you to instantly change the size of your canvas, in case you wanted the same design but on a different graphic type. The Collage tool will let you make all kinds of photomontage with white space between images. This is particularly helpful for showcasing multiple products.

PREDICT Intelligently

Often, the creative team spends hours or even days planning every single detail that goes into social media posts. And they have very good reason to be: colors, photos, and text all impact the appeal of a brand. And when something’s off, your audiences can surely tell.

So make a good impression right from the start with the Predict Design Assistant. Pick the type of post you want to make (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), indicate your objectives, and click on an industry. You will then be asked to either upload or pick images that you’d like to see in the campaign. From there, the Design Assistant will recommend high-performing templates.

Use these to make the optimum post. You can now shorten those meetings because you know your content already has a competitive edge from billions of data.

PLAN Effortlessly

Creative Flow+ goes a step further for content creators and marketers with their integrated smart planner and organizer. This nifty feature lets you schedule topics, receive curated content recommendations, and makes collaboration easier.

Worried about projects you did during the FREE trial? Don’t sweat it: everything will still be available on your catalog.

Creativity + Expertise Equals Excellence

For years Shutterstock has provided brands, marketers, and hobbyists with digital assets they need to bring their visions to life. Today, they can put it all together in one seamless experience. CREATE, PREDICT, and PLAN visual content that’s smarter and performs better thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

Want to make your Etsy shop irresistible? Planning a year-long campaign for a client? Or maybe you want to find out how AI can drive the future of marketing and content development? Save time, money, and effort with advanced tools from Creative Flow+.

Remove guesswork so you can get right down to business. Discover what it’s like to have expert assistance right on your fingertips. Sign up to Creative Flow+ today.

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