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Patriotic Fonts

26 Patriotic Fonts That Will Make Your Designs Soar Like an Eagle!

Are you looking to create a project, a design or a promotion that encompasses the values of good ol’ fashioned USA? If so, then there is no better way to heighten your level of patriotism than by using a good ol’ fashioned American-style font to convey your message. 

Here at Hip Fonts, we are happy to show off a collection of more than 25 different fonts that will get you saying ‘God Bless America’ in no time. 

Why use a Patriotic Font?

But why? Why use a patriotic-style font? Well, the answer is simple. Suppose you are having an Independence Day Celebration, an American-themed night, or maybe a Thanksgiving event. Why wouldn’t you want to have your promotion looking as loud and proud as possible?

You should never be afraid to show off where you come from, and each of the 26 fonts below amplifies that sentiment. So browse the selection below and create your newest patriotic web or prink-based design. 

1. Montage Vintage Sans 

Montage | Vintage Sans

A classic vintage sans that will look at home on any print or media design. 

Download Montage here

2. Vintage Glamour 

Vintage Glamour

The name says it all, and it even has super-cool retro vibes that we love. 

Download Vintage Glamour here

3. Royallice – Vintage Display 

Royallice - Vintage Display

A carefully crafted serif, this display font will make any design pop off the page or screen, so get downloading it today. 

Download the Royallice Vintage Display here

4. Bradia Vintage 

Bradia Vintage

Yet another vintage typeface, Bradia is a sweet serif that has different layers giving it a three-dimensional effect. 

Download Bradia here

5. The Salvator – Vintage Font Package 

The Salvator - Vintage Font Package

With a host of different styles and sets available within the package, we think that whether it is the regular or the textured style, The Salvator will give you everything that you need. 

Download the Salvator here

6. Bourbon Typeface 

Bourbon typeface

A classic font package that is inspired by the labelling of vintage American scotch and whiskey, Bourbon is perfect for all labelling and postering needs.

Download Bourbon here

7. Larker – Vintage Font 

Larker - Vintage Font

Yet another vintage typeface with a smooth design.

Download Larker here

8. Black Butcher – Oldtype Series

Black Butcher - Oldtype Series

Inspired by 1960s America, this typeface package has upper and lowercase support and stylistic alternates for all. 

Get hold of Black Butcher here

9. Strikeout – Bold Script

Strikeout - Bold Script

Inspired by America’s favorite sport, Baseball… strikeout is an awesome sports-related font that we think you can use for any project. 

Download Strikeout here

10. Jason Caps 

Jason Caps

Jason Caps is an old woodblock font design from the early 20th century and redesigned by TypeFaith Fonts. Jason Caps is an all-caps font with some lovely ornaments. Use the glyph pallet in your application to select the ornaments. Jason Caps comes in two fonts normal and distressed, and with each of these fonts, you can create something brilliant. 

Download Jason Caps right here

11. Albertson


Rugged, vintage, and cool, Albertson is a great way to bring classic America into your latest piece. 

Get hold of Alberston here

12. Raveria 


Great for use in labels, branding, packaging, or text overlay to any background picture, Raveria will make a gorgeous addition to your type library!

Download it right here

13. Coellack Typeface 

Coellack Typeface

We love this font because it is so versatile and feature packed. There are more than 297 glyphs in the font including Stylistic sets and ligatures within the package, as well as OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates and contextual alternates in some characters that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. To access the alternate glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS and Adobe Indesign.

Download Coellack here

14. Roadhouse Blues Font 

Roadhouse blues font

A handmade design typeface that channels old school rock and roll. A perfect all-American font.

Download Roadhouse Blues right here

15. Bondie Extrude Font Family

Bondie Extrude Font Family

Simplistic, cool, and full of character, Bondie is a fantastic font that will make any design of yours look awesome!

Download Bondie here

16. Boardley Script – Layered Font 

Boardley Script - Layered Font

Boardley Script is a script-style display font in two layers, Boardley Script was the result of an exploration of mid-century American and European bold script lettering for advertising. is an attractive contemporary typeface drawn from scratch with brand-new, more vigorous detailing — and layerable variations for chromatic use. Perfect for logos, branding, postering, and media design, there are so many possibilities with this all-American font.

Download this awesome script font here

17. Dollar Stencil 

Dollar Stencil

An all-caps stenciled serif font inspired by the classic American banknote.

Download Dollar Stencil here

18. Hadrey 


A vintage bold script that has been designed to look fantastic with any style of project or design.

Download Hadrey here

19. Northead – Vintage Serif Font 

Northead - vintage serif font

Simple, legible, easy to edit using OpenType programs, and perfect for headings, posters, or media design/projects. 

Download Northead here

20. Disctactor 


A rugged, and somewhat tattered style of typeface, there is a cool texture that we really like about this font. 

Get your hands on this font right here

21. Alone Matte 

Alone Matte

Yet another vintage style of font, we love the 1960s and 70s vibe that Alone Matte has going on.

Download Alone Matte here

22. Sign 45 Typeface 

Sign 45 Typeface

A collection of 6 different font styles, this package brings the best of 1940s and 50s America to one place. 

Download it right here

23. American Handmade Typeface 

American Handmade Typeface

Handcrafted to perfection, we absolutely adore this all-Ameican font.

Download American Handmade here

24. American Wonders – FONT DUO 

American Wonders - FONT DUO

American Wonders is a package of two fonts containing signature script and bold serif. The bold serif is strong and powerful while the signature script has soft and authentic hand writing, so the two combined create a lovely contrast.

Download it right here

25. American Traditional 

American Traditional

A hand drawn font in two weights inspired by traditional tattoos of America.

Download Traditional American here

26. American Signer

American Signer

American Signer is a script brush font that is inspired from traditional 1980’s Sign Painting. Directly based on brush lettering and through a comprehensive digitization process, American Signer was created  to help you get a sense of sign painting lettering and it does just that.

Download this awesome font right here

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