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Everything You Need To Know About the Overwatch Logo Font

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed in 2016 and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The game groups players into two teams of six each.

Each player chooses from a huge collection of characters called “heroes.” The heroes are assigned unique capabilities.

Teams then try to outdo each other completing map-specific objectives within a specified duration.


Overwatch Font

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There’s no specific font attributed to the Overwatch logo. However, the video game’s logo seems to be based on two font styles.

The logo in the cover was possibly inspired by the Bank Sans Caps Bold EF font, whereas the wordings “Origins Edition” that appear beneath the logo appears to be set in the Big Noodle Titling Oblique.

Bank Sans Caps Bold is a geometric sans-serif font created by Morris Fuller Benton and Günther Flake. The font stands out for its clarity and boldness. It has a history spanning close to a century, having been released back in 1930.

Over the years, Banks Sans Caps EF has grown to become the go-to font style by many designers. It’s perfect for use on video game logos, campaign posters, movie titles, among other design projects where logo clarity is paramount.

Big Noodle Titling Oblique is a font designed by James Arboghast. This font blends simplicity and elegance in a seamless manner. It was created using squared forms and is another top recommendation when looking for a font that enhances your logo’s clarity.

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Besides the Bank Sans Caps Bold EF and Big Noodle Titling Oblique, there are several other font alternatives that closely resemble the original font used in the Overwatch video game logo. Some of those alternatives include;

1. Probert Black Font

Probert Black font is recommended for designers looking for a font that offers more technological vibe. The font is available in different versions, including Regular, Bold, Italic, and Bold-Italic.

2. Aldrich Font

If you desire a font similar to the original Overwatch logo font but with more rounded proportions, then you might want to consider Aldrich Font. This font is inspired by the Gothic styles. It stands out for its strokes.

3. Xolonium Font Family

The main thing to love about fonts in the Xolonium Font Family is their futuristic designs. These fonts are also available in numerous versions, including Greek, Latin, and Cyrillic.

4. Bebas Neue Font

Bebas Neue Font is a sans-serif font with a fairly rich history. The font has garnered tremendous recognition in recent years for its vast collection of styles and elements.

5. Steelfish Font Family

Steelfish Font Family features an array of Overwatch logo alternatives. Fonts in this family are especially great recommendations for the Big Noodle Titling Oblique font.


Where to Download the Overwatch Fonts

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As we’ve already pointed out, there’s no specific font attributed to the original Overwatch logo. But there are plenty of near-identical fonts as well as font alternatives that you can explore. It all depends on which font captures your fancy.

You can download the original Overwatch logo on The Fonts Magazine. If you’d prefer similar fonts, the following links may come in handy;

Bank Sans Caps Bold EF
Big Noodle Titling Oblique
Probert Black Font
Aldrich Font
Xolonium Font Family
Bebas Neue Font
Steelfish Font Family

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