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Create the Perfect Grunge Look with the Odachi Brush Font

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Brush fonts are one of the most versatile typefaces any designer can have in his or her arsenal. Just having one or two can give you endless possibilities. Depending on the style, you can use them on spooky Halloween posters, Oriental art, or contemporary logos.

Odachi Brush Font

Take a look at this all-caps gem from Mehmet Reha Tugcu for example. The Odachi FREE brush font would make a nice addition to your toolkit thanks to its bold strokes and rough details.

Odachi Brush Font

The set includes default as well as alternate letters, giving you more freedom and creativity. It also has a web font, numbers, and punctuation.

Odachi Brush Font

Be as bold as the Odachi brush font. Use it on client presentations or on your personal artworks. It’s bound to amaze either way.

Download Odachi Brush Font

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