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Mr Eaves Sans

FREE Mrs Eaves Font To Help You Create Tender, Delicate Works

If you’re looking for the right book font for your novel, or you’re simply on the lookout for a new traditional serif to add to your toolkit, then you may be interested in the quaint little world of Mrs Eaves. Let’s see how this petite font came to be.

The Beginnings of Mrs Eaves

Designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996, Mrs Eaves was her first shot at a traditional typeface. Although it was partly inspired by Baskerville, it has its own characteristics that make it a charming gem for use in book blurbs or headlines.

Named after John Baskerville’s live in housekeeper – who later became his wife – Sarah Eaves, Mrs Eaves was based off of the printed samples of the Baskerville font, which was heavier due to the resulting ink spread onto paper. The outcome is something that’s more open and tender, with a good range of ligatures as well as reduced x-height.

Individually, some characters may look slightly awkward, like the unusually wide ‘L’ or too narrow ‘W’. But together, they form a lovely yet imperfect serif that would grace many books, brochures, and logos in years to follow.

Mrs Eaves Pairings

Mrs Eaves Font

While Mrs Eaves may look rather clumsy when used as a web font, you can pair them with other typefaces to balance the effect.

A few pairings to try include sans serifs such as Futura, Neue Haas Unica, and Mr Eaves Sans. If you plan on using Mrs Eaves by itself, limit it to short texts or in titles only so as not to overwhelm the viewer. All in all, it’s still a delightful typeface to have in your arsenal.

If you’re curious about how this font can change your world, then you can purchase a style or two from Adobe Fonts. Free versions are available at Free Fonts Pro or Free Fonts Family. Just don’t keep Mrs Eaves waiting.

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