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A Definitive Guide Into Lora Font

Lora is a well-balanced contemporary sans-serif typeface created and initially released by Cyreal Fonts in 2011, with a Cyrillic extension added in 2013.

The font is deeply-rooted in calligraphy and was specifically designed for digital display screens. It’s available in moderate contrast that makes it especially suitable for using on smaller screens.

The lettering in Lora fonts generally appear brushed and somewhat swashy. Coupled with its moderate contrast, this font can take your design project to a whole new level.

As a contemporary typeface, Lora conveys the aura of modernity. The font will especially look great on logo designs that tell a modern-day or futuristic story.

lora font 1 minAlthough Lora was specifically designed for optimized on-screen displays, the font is reasonably effective in print too. So, you can use it in various types of design projects, ranging from power presentations to hardcover book texts.

The font will also look great on your campaign posters, apparel branding, business cards, and a host of other design works.

Another thing that makes Lora outstanding is that the designer has continually updated the font over the years. The last major upgrade took place in 2019, where Cyreal Fonts updated Lora to a variable font family.

The Lora font family is currently available in nine different styles. They include:

• Lora Regular
• Lora Italic
• Lora Medium
• Lora Medium Italic
• Lora Light
• Lora Bold
• Lora Bold Italic
• Lora Semi-bold
• Lora Semi-bold Italic

Each weight comes in several glyphs, including UPPERCASE, lowercase, numerals, and Cyrillic. You also get punctuation marks and plenty of other special characters.

To make the most of Lora, you might consider using it on headlines, subtitles, and menus. While the font will work just fine for body text, it’s more effective if used in titling.

Where to Download the Lora Font

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You can download Lora from the Free Fonts Family website. It will let you download Lora in two file formats, namely Opentype (.OTF) and Truetype (.TTF). The download process is straight and easy, too. All you need to do is select your preferred file format and then click on the green “Download Now” link.

Other websites that let you download the Lora font include Google Fonts and Font Squirrel.

Lora is classified as a Public Domain or Open Source typeface. Which implies that you can use it free for both personal and commercial projects.

Are there fonts similar to Lora?

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In the amazing world of fonts, there’s truly no typeface that exists in isolation. Most fonts you come across have near-identical alternatives.

It could happen that you’re looking for a different font which bears a close resemblance to the original Lora typeface. Well, you’re in luck.

The following are common Lora alternatives to consider for your next design projects:

• Saldina
• Hello Stockholm Font
• Birthland
• Krabuler
• Roboto
• Perfeck Signature
Open Sans
• Montserrat
• Mimsy Whimsy Typeface

The best thing about these Lora alternatives is that most of them are free for personal use. Besides, the fonts can be used alongside Lora. And just like Lora, they come in multiple weights.

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