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5 License Plate Fonts To Take Your Designs Up a Notch 

It’s no news that when the term “license plates” comes to mind, it is mainly affiliated with wheels. License plates are popularly known as vital attributes of an automotive. They are metallic or plastic plates attached to automobiles for the sole purpose of identification. 

This crucial means of singling out vehicles can also be linked to the design world, hence the notion behind License Plate Fonts. These fonts create designs and give distinguishing features to projects like license plates, logos, websites, captions, and posters. Consequently, license plate fonts are perfect for designing means of identification and names for brands.

The trick behind License plate fonts is to combine the readability and clarity factor of a standard font with creativity and style. In essence, when dealing with this font, there should be a need to blend typography with artistry to pass across meaningful information.

Are you looking for the ideal typeface to create designs in line with giving identification and trademarks to brands? If so, with this vintage-style, bold, condensed, and handcrafted lettering style, you can implement creativity while passing out important information. Here are five breathtaking license plate fonts that would step up your design game. 

Fabulous License Plate Fonts


1. Dealerplate

Inspired by Typodermic fonts, Dealerplate is a chain of seventeen fonts created using embossed License Plates in Canada and The United States. Most Dealerplate fonts offer each state the most recent embossed style as of 2019. Numeric ordinals, OpenType fractions, mathematical symbols, and monetary symbols are all properties of this typeface. 

Download Dealerplate

2. Printf

Printf is a unique display font whose style is typically inspired by an antique transmitter, computer printer, and teletype. This typography is bold, straightforward, and features majorly block letters. Also, it appears in distinctive character pairs, making the font more authentic and less repetitious. Consequently, Printf is ideal for official projects like license plates of automobiles and branding.

Download PRINTF

3. Long Ride Font & Mockup

Long Ride is a vintage typeface with a modern geometric shape that comes with a bonus of six aged license car plates. Every plate has different qualities and shades, with each layer subject to edits. In addition, the decorative effect of cracks and bevels on each car plate can be added to your design using PSD mockups.

Download Long Ride Font & Mockup

4. Ignite – Commercial License

The characters in Ignite have set widths that are narrower than their vertical height. Hence, the reason it is a condensed typeface. Ignite’s inspiration comes from old-fashioned lettering textbooks. 

This sans serif is recommended for designing a commercial license plate. However, it also suits projects like logos, websites, and captions.

Download Ignite – Commercial License

5. Vintage ‘74

Featuring alternates, block letters, grunge texture, and three different styles, Vintage ‘74 is a classical display typeface. Its bold and versatile font style emanates a vintage and hand-drawn aesthetic to your design. As such, this font is suitable for branding, posters, or any project requiring clarity while maintaining stylishness.

Download Vintage ‘74

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