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Hentges FREE Typeface

Create Something Sweet with Hentges FREE Typeface

Often, the sweetest, most beautiful things come in the plainest packages. Fonts can be the same. You would think that using basic letters make a project bland and boring. However, the opposite can sometimes be true. In fact, using simple, subtly adorned typefaces can bring out your true message.

Hentges FREE Typeface

This handmade typography designed by Paula Hentges is a great example.

Hentges FREE Typeface

Notice how it keeps it sweet yet simple with its small curves and narrow letters. Reminiscent of the infamous comic sans, the Hentges Typeface still manages to look fun and playful without being redundant.

Hentges FREE Typeface

Created for academic purposes, this typeface is FREE for personal or commercial use. Download it and make it a staple in your toolkit.

Use on printed projects such as greeting cards and labels or on digital works like image quotes and blog headers. The best part? Hentges Typeface is FREE for everyone!


Download Hentges FREE Typeface

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