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31 Contemporary Greek Fonts for the Modern Calligrapher

There was a time when the Phoenicians became a leading trade power. Their fleets coming from what is now Lebanon carried not only goods, but also their writing system. This in turn, became the foundation of the Greek alphabet.

The Greek alphabet was one of the first systems where letters represented sounds, as opposed to ideogramic systems (characters that symbolize an idea without telling the sounds used to say it, i.e. numerals).

They adapted the Phoenician writing system and made further innovations to suit their needs (such as words that start with vowels, which are not found in the Phoenician system). Its direct approach gave away how a word is supposed to be said, and did away with a reader needing to figure out what a set of symbols is trying to say.

The Greek alphabet’s success then became the model of other writing systems, such as Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

Inspired by history? Here is a list of Greek and Greek-based fonts for your collection.

Greek Fonts

1. Anko Regular

Greek Fonts
Anko Regular min

You can get an 8-weight font package made with smooth strokes, moderate stem contrasts, and soft edges from this Eko Blamantara typeface.

Download Anko Regular


2. Bergen Mono

Bergen Mono

Bergen Mono is a monospaced, six-piece Greek font family that speaks to the monospaced world without losing legibility. It handles the most demanding tasks uncompromisingly, from print to digital.

Download Bergen Mono


3. Bergen Sans

Bergen-SansBergen Sans is a modern sans serif font family with neat, stylized Scandinavian geometry. It’s the perfect component to any designer’s library. Supports Extended Latin, Cyrillic (including Bulgarian alternates), and Greek font language support.

Download Bergen Sans


4. Bergen Text

Bergen-TextBergen Text is a Greek font with perfect legibility and adorable personality. It has been carefully crafted to improve the readability experience, particularly on small text sizes.

Download Bergen Text


5. Noir Pro

Noir-ProNoir is a sans serif Greek font family of 12 fonts with contemporary aesthetics heavily influenced by early 20th century geometric typefaces. It carries an organic personality with a touch of warmth injected into each form.

Download Noir Pro


6. Commodus

Greek Fonts
Commodus min

This all-caps font from Allen Valley comes in thee variations inspired by the Greek alphabet.

Download Commodus


7. Artica Pro Family

Greek Fonts
Artica Pro Family min

Greentype offers this classic Roman-inspired font in five weights.

Download Artica Pro Family


8. Romina

Greek Fonts
Romina min

Rosario Nocera packages 7 weights from extra light to extra bold with matching italics.

Download Romina


9. Marcellus Pro

Greek Fonts
Marcellus Pro min

From Siggy & Sands, this font takes inspiration from classic Roman letterforms through the Trajan titling style.

Download Marcellus Pro


10. 1525 Durer Initials OTF

Greek Fonts
Durer Initials min

This font from GLC Foundry is based on the lettering found in Albrecht Dürer’s handbook of drawing with compass and ruler.

Download 1525 Durer Initials OTF


11. Oyster

oyster typefeace min

Oyster is a sexy and elegant sans serif typeface. This font will grab attention and make your works stand out. Its use is ideal for fashion projects, packaging, branding, magazines, headlines, social media, invitations, and much more. Oyster also includes beautiful ligatures, which will add an extra spark to your design.

Download Oyster


12. Imperija Roman

Greek Fonts
Imperija Roman min

LM Typeface creates this display font drawing inspiration from stone-engraved lettering found in Slovenia.

Download Imperija Roman


13. Remark

Remark Cover min

Remark is a beautiful and sophisticated serif typeface inspired by the Ancient Roman Empire. The font’s bold and sharp edges demand the reader’s attention, which makes it perfect for commanding designs. Remark is best suitable for headings, quotes, posters, tshirts, branding, websites, labels, invitations, packaging, stationery, novels, and much more. If communication is your goal, then this font is perfect for you.

Download Remark


14. LordRat AOE

Greek Fonts
LordRat AOE min

This Astigmatic product gives a project an offbeat, paper-cut look through bold and quick lines.

Download LordRat AOE


15. Navarone

Greek Fonts
Navarone min

From the lettering used in the titling of the 1962 film “The Guns of Navarone”, this all-capitals typeface  takes on a classic Roman feel.

Download Navarone


16. Biblia

Greek Fonts
Biblia min

Radiqx Press’ version on a 1929 font designed by Carl Albert Fahrenwaldt is a lighter approach from the original while keeping the classic look.

Download Biblia


17. Mussica OT

Greek Fonts
Mussica OT min

Corradine Fonts’ hybrid font takes on classical curves and strokes while keeping a smooth, modern look.

Download Mussica OT


18. Kyril

Greek Fonts
Kyril min

Nomad Visuals presents a font with a lyrical feel that gives a traditional Greek touch.

Download Kyril


19. Legan

Greek Fonts
Legan min

From Peggo Fonts foundry, this font follows the classical pattern used at Trajan’s Column.

Download Legan


20. Antiquarian Scribe

Greek Fonts
Antiquarian Scribe min

Three Islands Press recreates an uncommon hand-lettering style found in Henri Abraham Chatelain’s atlas released between 1705 and 1732.

Download Antiquarian Scribe


21. Diocletian

Greek Fonts
Diocletian min

Type Fleet made this font with capturing the essence of Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace in mind.

Download Diocletian


22. Ancient English Creative Alphabet

Greek Fonts
Ancient English min

ExpressShop presents a font based on old Greek designs.

Download Ancient English Creative Alphabet


23. Stoa Caps

Greek Fonts
Stoa Caps min

This all-caps typeface from Lettering Garage is patterned after stone wall engravings and Stoicism.

Download Stoa Caps


24. Rojenstone Font

Greek Fonts
Rojenstone Font min

This timeless Roman serif font from pixaroma is effective with vintage and modern luxury projects.

Download Rojenstone Font


25. Kitsch

Greek Fonts
Kitsch min

Zetafonts presents a hybrid typeface that combines classical Latin and medieval Gothic lettering.

Download Kitsch


26. GNF-Olympian Font

Greek Fonts
GNF Olympian min

George Nikolaidis presents an all-caps font that supports both English and Greek.

Download GNF-Olympian Font


27. Petit Nuage Signature Font

Greek Fonts
Petit Nuage Signature min

If you’re into projects that prefer a classic, handwritten feel, trust that this font will get it done.

Download Petit Nuage Signature Font


28. Greek Font

Greek Fonts
Greek Font min

From Cat Made Pattern, this font will give your project that ancient Greek vibe.

Download Greek Font


29. 1431 Humane Niccoli

Greek Fonts
Humane Niccoli min

GLC Foundry developed this font based on the lettering found in later works on an acclaimed Italian calligrapher.

Download 1431 Humane Niccoli


30. Millennium Blackletter Typeface

Greek Fonts
Millennium Blackletter min

Headfonts created this gem by fusing Gothic culture and monoline illustrations, giving any project a vintage feel.

Download Millennium Blackletter Typeface


31. Favarotta Family

Greek Fonts
Favarotta Family min

Named after a Medieval-era settlement, Eurotypo chose a style close to what is seen on Italian print books of the period.

Download Favarotta Family

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