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Glitch Fonts

19 Glitch Fonts That Will Help You Step Into the Future

Ever looked at a sci-fi movie poster or trailer and wondered how they were able to achieve that glitch effect?

It’s cool, out-of-this-world, and definitely a must for tech fans. These effects are also quite versatile. If you won’t be designing trailers or movie posters, you can also use them on book covers, t-shirt designs, and event invitations.

Ready to add some amazing sci-fi special effects to your works? Then get ready to check out these cool glitch fonts.

Rad Glitch Fonts

1. Felix Glitch Duo Font

Glitch Fonts

Easily go from street to glitch in this versatile font duo created by khurasan. Available in Regular and Clean, you can use one or combine both to achieve interesting results.

Download Felix Glitch Duo Font

2. Mokoto Glitch Typeface

Glitch Fonts

Customize the glitch effect you’re looking for in this layered multiply typeface by Drizy. With 4 styles – Regular, Glitch Mark I, Glitch Mark II, and Glitch Outline Regular – feel free to re-color, modify, or blend until you get the exact texture and outcome you need.

Download Mokoto Glitch Typeface

3. Avalon


Avalon is a cyberpunk font featuring numbers and punctuation as well as multilingual, uppercase letters. Perfect for movies, titles, and anything sci-fi, futuristic, or tech-related.

Download Avalon

4. Glitchy


Glitchy is digital glitch font with a slight cyberpunk feel that is perfect for all kinds of futuristic designs.

Download Glitchy

5. Lucy Glitch Typeface

Glitch Fonts

When things go wrong, turn it into a beautiful opportunity instead. That’s what me55enjah wants you to remember whenever you use this display typeface.

Download Lucy Glitch Typeface

6. System Glitch

Glitch Fonts

Step into the future in this all caps glitch style font from MiksKS. Perfect for large sizes as in headlines or titles, you can zoom in to see all the careful detail on the glyphs for a truly outstanding result.

Download System Glitch

7. Run!

Glitch Fonts

Add movement and energy to your projects with a touch of a button using this bold font from The Branded Quotes. Perfect for labels, posters, logos, comic books, game apps, and anything requiring an in-your-face approach, it also includes a tutorial to achieve the Arcade Style look.

Download Run!

8. Young Sprime

Glitch Fonts

Get 3 remarkable fonts in one thanks to khurasan. This sans serif is available in Sans, Outline, and Slant that will fit almost any theme – from futuristic to minimalist.

Download Young Sprime

9. Hot For Dom

Glitch Fonts

Inspired by a Flemish insult ‘godverdomme’, this typeface by davidiscreative features an out-of-this-world effect that’s truly ground-breaking. Use it to give emphasis on your headlines, editorials, homepages, posters, or t-shirt prints.

Download Hot For Dom

10. Glitzy Typeface

Glitch Fonts

ScaryClown presents this smart glitch typeface that you can use to complete game-related or sci-fi concepts in a snap. Seamless and easy to use, all you need is the right backdrop.

Download Glitzy Typeface

11. Glitch Typeface

Glitch Fonts

Add beautiful static to your works instantly using this gem from ScaryClown. The pixelated effect on the letters is ideal for game apps, TV, or digital themes.

Download Glitch Typeface

12. Fault

Glitch Fonts

Inspired by science fiction movies and games, Medialoot brings to you this sans serif with detailed high resolution effects. Use it to level up gaming, music, and movie posters.

Download Fault

13. Saberz

Saberz Font

Fearlessly create far-out projects with a little help from this radical bold sans serif with technical glitch effects. Try it on punk, urban, sci-fi, music, or nightlife themes.

Download Saberz

14. Block Glitch

Block Glitch

Stand out and be loud with this futuristic font that’s perfect for large designs such as ads, magazine editorials, social media posts, etc. Made by Typecoconut.

Download Block Glitch

15. No Signal Font

No Signal

With striking details painstakingly drawn onto each character, you will love using this display font on big headers or even on short copy.

Download No Signal Font

16. Uncracked


Looking for a cool typeface to add to your game, YouTube channel, podcast cover, or music video? Then check out this detailed sans from Type Factory Co. Comes in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 files.

Download Uncracked

17. Debug


Eccentric, flawed, but every bit artistic, this modern typeface can be employed on all kinds of design works, whether in art, music, or branding.

Download Debug

18. Avaluna


Make your audiences think twice when they see this super cool glitch effect. Set includes ligatures, symbols, and alternates.

Download Avaluna

19. Singiko


With a slight glitch in the middle of the characters, this display font keeps things readable while delivering your message in style.

Download Singiko

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