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15 Captivating Fairytale Fonts For Your Projects

Are you looking to create something magical, mystical, or even medieval?

If so, then you will probably need a high quality font to really give your design more authenticity. That is why we have compiled this selection of 15 fonts which we feel will give life to any fantasy/fairytale/old-fashioned project design, poster, or promotional piece.

Each font listed below is unique, has their own specific link where you can buy and use it as needed, and is of course, of the best quality.

1. Fairytale Serif

This fun and whimsical serif will bring you right back in time and do it with style. We love the vintage-style italic design and the quirky edges to each letter. It has an old-fashioned feel to it, but at the same time is modern and clean in its design. Available in a range of languages, download it today and get your newest design looking whimsical and magical in no time.

Download Fairytale Serif Here

2. Hogsmeade Serif

This font has a stunning design with its distressed lettering and vintage feel. Each letter in the font package has a unique size, shape, and look to it, so every design will look unique and individual. The natural look is appealing for posters, flyers, headers, or social media, and at a fair price, we think that Hogsmeade is a font that you cannot miss out on.

Download Hogsmeade here

3. Nightelf

Once again, the link between old-fashioned and fairytale is evident here with Nightelf. Perefct for book covers, posters, titles, subtitles, and logos, this font will not only take you on a magical journey, but will send you back in time.

Download Nightelf here

4. Krampus Teutonic Vintage Font

It doesn’t get any more medieval than this. Krampus is stylish, vintage, and distressed in all of the right places to give it a unique and timeless look. Perfect for posters, fairytale bookcovers or page headers/titles, and social media design, Krampus is easy to use in Photoshop, and can be edited with ease to make any design of yours look incredible.

Download Krampus here

5. MALLICA Fairytale

As you can tell, this design is indeed based off the classic ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fairytale. MALLICA contains both upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, ligatures, and of course, international glyphs supported by a range of different languages. Perfect for a range of different projects in different languages.

Download MALLICA here

6. Snicket

This fun and high quality typeface is perfect for a range of different projects. With accents, ligatures, upper and lowercase letters, and seamless punctuation, it will be sure to fit into any poster, flyer, or media design that you need.

Download Snicket here

7. Mythshire Vintage Script Extras

Designed to look like it has been drawn elegantly by hand, Mythshire is a gorgeous cursive typeface that would not look out of place as a header or a piece of text for a fairytale. Inspired by the ink-blothched handwriting styles of the past, the font is elegant and easy to read.

Download Mythshire here

8. Vinque

There is an ethereal quality to this font that lends itself well to mystery, whimsicality, and true beauty. A perfect choice if you are looking to create something that will stand out and look unique.

Download Vinque here

9. Arkana Fantasy Typeface

Beautifully pointed and curved shapes adorn this fantastic typeface design. Ideal for books, video games, movies, or headings, we are confident that you will absolutely love this unique and modern font style.

Download Arkana here

10. Fantasy Magist Elegant Serif Font

This modern serif has a look that we think would match up perfectly with any fairytale or fantasy-themed project. This typeface is perfect for an elegant & luxury logo, book or movie title design, fashion brand, magazine, clothes, lettering, quotes, and so much more.

Download Fantasy Magist

11. Welmock

There is a real medieval feel to this font design, with its curved edges and almost elongated shape, we think that it is super-stylish and perfect for any regal fantasy projects you might be working on.

Download Welmock here

12. Guest Lunch

What we love about Guest Lunch is not just its versatility, but its classic design that would look great on any project or promotion. With glyphs, alternates, and punctuation included, what’s not to love?

Download Guest Lunch

13. Second Reign

With borders and diamonds, this magic typeface of extreme variability brings us to glorious worlds in the golden times of epic sagas. Second Reign is the typeface of a viking king or a knight order. Which as many of us know, lends itself well to al things fairytale or fantasy.

Download Second Reign here

14. Bella Queta Serif

Classy, elegant, and easy to read, this font is excellent for a whole range of project types. As you can see in the above template, it is a font that is easily legible, well-sized, and extremely elegant. There is. of course a whimsical quality to it too, which we think makes it perfect for anything fairytale related.

Download Bella Queta Here

15. Langlock

Langlock - Magical Type

Yet another mysterious medieval type font, Langlock is perfect for any project looking to recreate an old fashioned look. With upper and lowercase lettering available, plus multilingual support for good measure, you would be crazy not to try it.

Download Langlock Here

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