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10 Fun Chalkboard Fonts To Give Your Designs a Handmade Feel

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There’s nothing like the look of chalk to hark back on good old times.

Remember back in school when you and your classmates would wait patiently for the bell to finally ring? And when it did, you would make a beeline to a local diner, where burgers and milkshakes were always on the menu. Before going home, you and your friends would catch one last game of hopscotch.

Indeed, the look and feel of chalk evokes nostalgia for childhood days gone by.

Interested in going down memory lane? Then check out these fun chalkboard fonts for your enjoyment.

Chalkboard Fonts

1. Gessetto Family

Chalkboard Fonts

No need to build a chalkboard toolkit by buying one font after another. Just get this extensive collection from Rsz Type Foundry and you’re all set. Featuring 9 fonts that include sans, roman, script, and even ornaments, you’d be creating beautiful menus, brochures, posters, logos, and invitations in no time.

Download Gessetto Family

2. Chalk Condensed

Chalkboard Fonts

Keep it simple yet delightful with this all-caps handwritten typeface by Alexey Gorka. It’s tall, condensed form is perfect for menus, quotes, logos, signs, and labels. The set also contains a free hi-res chalkboard background for personal or commercial use.

Download Chalk Condensed

3. Chalkboard Alphabet

Chalkboard Fonts

Get creative thanks to this gem by Ivan Kopylov. With hand-drawn letters, numbers, and vector illustration, it’s easy to achieve a sketch-y look in half the time.

Download Chalkboard Alphabet

4. HungryChalk Typeface

Chalkboard Fonts

Working on a restaurant or cafe theme? Then there’s no better font for you than this culinary-inspired masterpiece from StoricType. With 3 font variants plus a vector pack of food-related elements, you’ll be breezing through those menus, product packaging, labels, and shirt designs with ease.

Download HungryChalk Typeface

5. Gamble Font

Chalkboard Fonts

Even chalkboard fonts can be elegant. Just see this vintage gothic-inspired typeface from Anna and you’ll know why it’s an instant classic.

Download Gamble Font

6. Chalkful

Chalkboard Fonts

This tall handwritten font by KA Designs is all about replicating an authentic ‘chalkboard’ look and feel. Pair this with a small script typeface for a totally cute end result.

Download Chalkful

7. Return To Sender Font

Chalkboard Fonts

Romantic, charming, and lovingly vintage, this expressive typeface by the Tom Kolter Fun Shop can be used on almost any project – from Wild West themes to seasonal concepts.

Download Return To Sender Font

8. Chalky Letters

Chalkboard Fonts

Love all things chalk? Then you will love this typeface collection by Dimitriana. Featuring a total of 16 multilayer fonts plus extra ornaments, you can have fun combining different styles to produce stunning effects.

Download Chalky Letters Collection

9. Chalkboard Typeface

Chalkboard Fonts

Nothing says ‘back to school’ than some chalk art. With 8 hand-drawn seamless patterns as well as bonus vector elements (school supplies), this font set has got your back.

Download Chalkboard Typeface

10. Tuck Shop

Chalkboard Fonts

Dare to go back to your child-like innocence when you use this handmade chalk font by Simon Stratford. With 2 charming styles (Regular and Outline) that complement each other, you’ll be crafting book covers, quotes, labels, logos, menus, and signs with a fun, authentic, vintage vibe.

Download Tuck Shop

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