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Century Gothic Font

FREE Century Gothic Font To Help You Create Compelling Content

You’ve seen this font numerous times before but probably never paid it any mind.

From your Microsoft Word document to the 2006 Casino Royale film, Century Gothic has graced all kinds of ads, presentations, websites, packaging labels, and school brochures. You just needed to look closer.

Century Gothic Beginnings

Created in 1991 and based off of Monotype’s 20th Century type by Sol Hess, this sans-serif features a geometric style akin to Futura.

However, it has larger, rounder tittles on the letters and boasts of an open, friendly style. It’s meant for display purposes, such as headlines, titles, or short text in advertising. As an exclusively digital typeface, Century Gothic was never manufactured as metal type.

With 14 weights ranging from Thin to Black with complementing italics, Century Gothic is quite light, albeit with widely-spaced letters. This font was one of the first few made by Monotype in collaboration with or sold to Microsoft during its time, including Bookman Old Style, Arial, and Book Antiqua.

Century Gothic in Action

Believe it or not, Century Gothic will save you more in ink during printing than other sans serifs. But it will result in more paper because of the broad characters and lettering. This is according to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. This font – along with Garamond – is recommended by the U.S. government initiative PrintWise for printing documents.

Other uses of Century Gothic are in print ads, magazines, headlines, television show logos, movie posters, and of course, websites. You should recognize this font in Star Trek: Enterprise and TV show, Weezer. Just be sure to account for the wide letters and you should be able to create something stunning.

Century Gothic Download

Century Gothic

You can find Century Gothic as a ‘core font’ in most computers, especially those with Microsoft software. If you want to check out its other variants though, see MyFonts. For free versions, visit Fonts Geek and TTFonts.

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