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Did you know that Benjamin Franklin loved the Caslon fonts so much, that he used it for the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution?

That’s right – this Old Style serif has definitely earned its bragging rights thanks to its gorgeous forms and easily identifiable characters. Read on to find out why it deserves a place in your toolkit.

History of the Caslon Font

Caslon in essence refers to Old Style serifs originally created by William Caslon in 1722. A notable English punchcutter, he designed many typefaces during this time, until his death in 1766. His works gained fame because of their attractiveness and functionality.

The Caslon fonts were used extensively by people from all ranks, particularly in political arenas. Soon, they also became famous outside of England, making their way to the New World, just in time for the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

In 1990, type designer Carol Twombly created a Caslon revival called Adobe Caslon, which was more suited to digital needs. Twombly designed them by studying specimen pages printed by William Caslon between 1734 and 1770. The result is organic letters that bear close resemblance to the beloved serif of kings.

Caslon Font Today

There’s a popular saying among type setters: ‘when in doubt, use Caslon’. And why not? With its beautiful curves and rich history, there’s no other serif that’s as dependable. Whether it’s for your digital portfolio or a book cover, you can’t go wrong with using Caslon.

Caslon Font

Nowadays, lots of designers still employ this Old Style serif in their works. From plays, posters, magazines, logos, even official documents and corporate letterheads – Caslon has, and always will, have a place in our time.

Breathe new life to it by pairing it with unique typefaces such as NY Irvin and Schnyder. Of course, as a serif, it goes well with sans serifs like Akzidenz Grotesk, Interstate, and Graphik. Don’t be afraid to complement it with similar serifs, too, such as Schnyder and Elmhurst.

Get all the Adobe Caslon fonts from Adobe Fonts. For the free versions, go to Fonts Geek for the Adobe Caslon Pro Regular and to Font Squirrel for Libre Caslon. The Libre Caslon Text found on Google Fonts on the other hand, is optimized for the Web and would look awesome on all your digital designs.

Do you love old, handwriting styles? Then you will love the TEMPLAR signature script, that looks as if it was indeed, written by hand. For something more modern, check out the CANGGU monoline script, that’s perfect for blogs, social media, and the Web.

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