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Bring a Rustic Appeal To Your Works with Buttermilk Farmhouse Font

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Using scripts can be tricky. On one hand they look classy, but on the other hand, they may not be readable. This can pose a dilemma for designers or business owners who want a lovely typeface that also looks great on print materials.

Buttermilk Farmhouse Typeface full

Introducing the Buttermilk Farmhouse typeface by Callie Hegstrom. This delicate, rustic farmhouse-inspired font features decorative end characters, ligatures, catchwords and select alternates. There’s also an italic version for those who want more elegance in their projects.

Buttermilk Farmhouse Typeface Logos

The Buttermilk Farmhouse font is recommended not just for business owners in the gastronomy industry, but for anybody who wants a little rustic appeal to their works. Great for business cards, signage, logos, various crafts, as well as online and print editorials.

Buttermilk Farmhouse Typeface fresh

The package comes with 85 hand-drawn Farmhouse vectors, 14 ready-made logos, and a bonus sans serif font. After purchasing, feel free to customize using Illustrator or Inkscape (for the logos). As the typeface doesn’t include PNG or PSD files, you can open them even if you have an older version of Photoshop (as far as CS2).

Buttermilk Farmhouse Typeface 3

Imagine all the stylish end products you can do with Buttermilk Farmhouse. From commercial (logos, packaging, business cards, exclusive merchandise) to personal use (blogs, e-books, bookmarks, pretty greeting cards), this typeface has got you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Download it today!

Download Buttermilk Farmhouse Typeface

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