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The Burn Book Font and How It Became So Insanely Popular

Burn Book was the name of a book used in the 2004 American teen comedy movie ‘Mean Girls.’ In the film, it was used by the students to spread mean rumors about one another with a view to embarrass or incite chaos.

Mean Girls was written by Tina Fey and directed by Mark Waters. The film revolves around a naïve teenage girl named Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) as she navigates the modern American high school hierarchy after years of homeschooling by her parents.

Burn Book Font Features

It’s unclear whether the Burn Book typeface was developed exclusively for use on the Burn Book cover or the font was modeled based on Burn Book’s original logo. One thing’s for sure – the font provides a range of stylish features that are sure to enhance the visual effects of any project it’s used on.


The font’s quirky serifs make it eye-catching and suitable for use on designs where the main objective is to grab the reader’s attention. These range from company logo designs to billboard advertisements, book and newspaper covers, apparel branding, to mention but a few.

It was developed based on several fancy typefaces. The design processes ended up in a unique font with stunning visual effects and a wide range of characters. The typeface also has a modern appearance. That makes it especially suited for contemporary or minimalistic designs. Burn Book’s other noteworthy features include alternate characters and unique ligatures.

Burn Book is also one of the many fancy typefaces that’s perfect for use on both displays and body text. Whether you’re looking for a title font for your blog posts or a fine-print font for a gossip magazine, you can trust this amazing typeface to kick in and deliver.


Last but not least, you’ll come across some publications using the phrases ‘Burn Book font’ and ‘Mean Girls font’ interchangeably. That’s perfectly understandable, considering that the Burn Book typeface was inspired by the Mean Girls movie.

The Burn Book font offers multilingual support. In other words, you can download or learn more about the font in over 30 languages.

Where to Download Burn Book Font

There are only a few places where you can download Burn Book. You can download fonts similar to what was used on the iconic Burn Book at Font Space, DaFont, and Font Haus

Is Burn Book Font Free? Because there are several fonts for the Burn Book, you will need to separate the free ones from the premium versions. Check the publisher or typographic designer for permission and usage rights.

Your best bet is to apply this font on personal projects only. Avoid using any Burn Book fonts on corporate or branding designs unless with a valid commercial license from its designers.

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