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Here’s The Font Pinkfong Uses on Its Baby Shark Brand

Pinkfong is the children’s educational brand of the South Korean educational entertainment company – SmartStudy. The brand is mostly made up of children’s songs, the most popular of which is “Baby Shark.” Baby Shark song and dance video was first released on YouTube in late 2015.

The original “Baby Shark” song was a children’s nursery song from the 1900s, a sing-along school playgrounds and summer camp that was widely recognized in the United States. According to British and American accounts, the summer camp version of this song details the struggles of a panicked swimmer who ends up being eaten by sharks.

Baby Shark has since spawned over 100 variations in more than 10 different languages. The song’s most popular version is titled “Baby Shark Dance.” The video to this song was first uploaded on YouTube on June 17, 2016 and had raked in more than 1.9 billion views globally by the end of October 2018.

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“Baby Shark Dance” was ranked one of YouTube’s top 40 most-viewed videos for some time. The video also topped the children’s music charts in several platforms, including Google Play, Apple Music, Amazon, and iTunes. On November 2, 2020, it became YouTube’s most-watched video, having garnered over 7 billion views.

Baby Shark has inspired numerous other songs, which range in length and popularity. However, most of these songs share the same musical elements. Examples include the incorporation of traditional chant, a repetitive verse, and subtle inclusions of K-pop style music.

Pinkfong, the SmartStudy brand credited with the success of the Baby Shark song, was founded with the inception of SmartStudy in June 2010. The brand, just as its parent company, is based in 5th Floor, 94 Myeongdal-ro, Seocho-dong, Seoul – South Korea.


Baby Shark Font

The font used on the Baby Shark logo is simply known as the Baby Shark Font or the Baby Shark Display Font.

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This font is a fancy cartoon typeface designed with the interests of kids in mind. It features a majestic bold of bright yellow color, the quintessential children’s color. It also sports a sweet texture and stunning glyphs, which add to its overall appeal.

On top of the “Baby Shark” logo is the word “PINKFONG!” written in pink. The two words appear in a blue trapezium-like background and are surrounded by multi-colored cartoon-themed images of baby sharks.

Baby Shark Font was designed by Spoonflower. As the font is unique to the Baby Shark brand, there haven’t been any variations to it. It’s primarily available in one style and mainly comes in a True Type file format.

Being a kid-friendly font, the Baby Shark Display Font is best used on the logos of children products, including books, stationery, school bags, computer games, and clothing.


Where to Download the Baby Shark Display Font

The Baby Shark Display Font is available for personal and commercial use. However, be sure to check the other download terms before getting this font.

Baby Shark Font is available on numerous websites, including BeFonts and Creative Fabrica. The download process is incredibly easy. Just pick your preferred file format and hit the “Download” button.

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