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Creating good Arabic fonts is a challenge – despite the various design courses and digital devices we now have at our disposal. That’s because typeface design has been, for the most part, aimed at Latin languages. Regular typography design just can’t accommodate the complexity and different contexts of the Arabic tongue.

One common problem is that the usual Arabic fonts available are either too small or can’t include modern changes to the language. However, more and more creatives are meeting demand. Thanks to different online platforms, the number of beautiful and legible Arabic fonts is increasing.

Don’t dismay if you haven’t found the right Arabic typeface to use in your project. Take a look at this collection and see if maybe the right font was just hiding here, all along.

Beautiful Arabic Fonts

1. Ostouri, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

This typeface is Arabic for “legendary”. And true to its name, it captures the harmonious flow of forms and connections, which is necessary when telling a story – on- or offline. Created by Mostafa El Abasiry, this is an elegant addition to any designer’s toolkit.

Download Ostouri

2. Paxalah, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

Inspired by the 8-bit graphics, this font is Arabic slang for “pixelation”. Perfect for works in web design, advertising, and print.

Download Paxalah

3. Tashabok, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

Arabic for “overlapping or intertwinement”, this Arabic typeface features uniquely intertwined hollow letterforms, most suited for branding, typographic compositions, and print.

Download Tashabok

4. Kaleem, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

This font’s name in Arabic refers to “unique talker”. It also indicates a person who has far-reaching conversation skills. Featuring a unique writing style and a solid geometric structure, it’s available in Bold and Regular.

Download Kaleem

5. Tarhaal, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

This display font would be perfect for creative headings thanks to its solid geometric structure and heavy letterforms.

Download Tarhaal

6. Hetaf, Arabic Typeface

Arabic Fonts

This versatile font does not completely follow traditional directions of Arabic scripting. This results in a totally readable product that looks good on print or on the Web.

Download Hetaf

7. Nishan, Arabic Typeface

Arabic Fonts

This unique font combines the spirit of ancient Kufic inscriptions with the elegance of contemporary Arabic writing. Available in three weights (Light, Regular, Bold).

Download Nishan

8. Rawaj, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

This font family fuses visual features taken from three common Arabic handwriting styles: Kufic, Ruqu’ah, and Naskh. Available in three styles (Hollow-outlined, Heavy, and Transitional Heavy), add this beautiful typeface to your collection today.

Download Rawaj

9. Shafrah, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

A unique typeface based on distinctive Arabic handwriting style with ancient Egyptian flavor, this set also comes with an extra stylistic set inspired by Hieroglyphs.

Download Shafrah

10. Kufigraph, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

This display font features distinct geometric structures, unlike the traditional anatomy of the Arabic script. Completely re-designed to meet the new structure and to develop a unique typing experience, enjoy this product in three weights: Light, Regular, and Bold.

Download Kufigraph

11. Enferad, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

Use this non-cursive Arabic font for your creative headlines, titles, or logos. Available in a single weight with geometric structures and smooth, rounded edges, this typeface is as practical as it is beautiful.

Download Enferad

12. Ebhaar, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

In Arabic, it means “dazzle”. Thanks to the beauty of its brush-pen lettering combined with the traditional features of Arabic calligraphy, you are sure to dazzle audiences, too!

Download Ebhaar

13. Zahey, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

Working on publications, web, or print projects? Then make a statement using this typeface that boldly merges geometric structures with traditional penmanship for a vivid look.

Download Zahey

14. Makeen, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

Available in three styles (Regular, Slant, and Joined-Dots), try this versatile typeface in web, ads, and print projects.

Download Makeen

15. Olfah, Arabic Typeface

Arabic Fonts

Sometimes, you just need a friendly font that also looks good on logos, headlines, infographics, and more. Choose this typeface when you want something casual yet usable.

Download Olfah

16. Mozarkash, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

Need something decorative to truly catch the eye? Look no further than this display font, which is the Arabic word for “emblazoned”.

Download Mozarkash

17. Tasreeh, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

Give a good first impression for your business or commercial projects with this typeface, featuring bold, active letterforms.

Download Tasreeh

18. Ahaleel, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

For those who need something special for branding works, mobile apps, or children’s books, this display font with its funky and casual style is perfect for you. Created with spontaneous letterforms, its solid geometric structures are sure to delight and please.

Download Ahaleel

19. Alama, Arabic Font

Arabic Fonts

Available in Regular and Bold, this typeface was exclusively designed to be used for creating gorgeous branding projects such as logos, signage, headers, and more.

Download Alama

20. Jazeel, Arabic Typeface

Arabic Fonts

Need a versatile font that can remain readable when used whether as headers or regular text? This one can do both – thanks to its bold yet solid geometric composition that remains legible no matter how you apply it.

Download Jazeel

Did you enjoy these beautiful Arabic fonts? Whether you want something authentic to tell your story, or you need it for a big event, these typefaces have got you covered. Download a set today and see the possibilities it offers.

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