Aside from feelings, typography can also stir up abstract ideas, such as speed or the future. Sci-fi or modern projects for instance, require special fonts that can suggest these concepts at first glance. Usually though, one would need an expert to craft these customised fonts for their use.

Spem Free Typeface

But you’re in luck, because Wassim Awadallah offers the Spem Typeface FREE for personal use. This modern sans serif typeface features wide, uppercase letters that are perfect for headlines or branding projects.

Spem Free Typeface

If you’re working on magazine covers, or tasks that need a futuristic vibe to them, then this font would go well nicely.

Other things you can use this for are posters, headings, logos, book covers, as well as apparel. Basically, anything you can imagine, you can create with Spem Free Typeface.

Spem Free Typeface

If you’re ready to step into the future, then download this pack today!


Download Spem Free Typeface

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