Need a typeface that conveys power, strength, and history? A font that people recognize from their past? Characters that not only represented a moment in time, but also expressed loud message of their own – heard only by those willing to listen?

For such purposes, nothing fits the mold better than Authority 1970s Public Font by RetroSupply Co.. Inspired by public fonts used by government departments in New York during the 1970s, this typeface is simple yet powerful.

Authority 1970s Public Font

The pack includes a total of six styles (featuring Rough and Distressed, and Distressed Italic) to help you recreate the perfect vintage vibe in half the time. Use Rough and Distressed for when you want to show age; and Standard for when you must showcase influence.

Authority 1970s Public Font

With 75 languages supported, you don’t need to worry about lacking the right character for when you absolutely need it. There are also special characters such as numerical extras, so you’re never caught off guard.

Authority 1970s Public Font

Authority ensures you receive the right impression for the job. With its help, you can easily – and beautifully – get your message across.


Download Authority 1970s Public Font

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